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Anna University Internal Marks For Anna University University Examinations, usually Anna University Internal marks wont be revealed by any colleges in Tamil Nadu or Anna university - This Is kind of old story Anna university For Internal Mark provided to the students

anna university usually publish the Internal marks along with the external marks scored by the students for each and every subject scored by the student at the time of result publication and students are unable to view their  Internal marks separately, usually that is combined with the external marks the student scored in exam (i.e.) S Grade, E Grade

Now this a big opportunity  provided by anna university for students , they can view their internal marks before the actual publication of results, Parents Can Also view their son (or) daughter internal marks provided by the institution  ( College ), and they cab able to view whether their son (or) Daughter Absent for the particular Anna university examination on

How The Internal Marks For Univ Examination Will Be calculated ?

Internal marks for university exam will be calculated based on the internal exam ( Conducted By Concerned Colleges ) plus attendance for the particular semester , This internal marks is given in portal in terms of hundred ( Out Of 100) - During Final Result Publication that Will be converted In twenties ( Out Of 20 ) and Added With External Exam ( Written Exam ) Marks (i.e.) Out of 80

Total = External Exam Marks(Out Of 80)* + Internal Marks(Out Of 20)**

* Actually you Will Write Exam For 100 Marks that will be converted into 80 Marks (You Have To 36/80 To Get Pass Mark )

** Actually In portal the internal marks Is In terms Of 100 That Will Be Converted In terms Of ( Out Of 20 ) , You Need Minimum of 70 Marks Out Of 100 To Be In safer Side 

Instance To Get Clear Idea ..................

1) If You Score 36 In External and 14 In internal, Your Total Marks Is 50/100 You Will Get Pass

2) If You Score 36 In External and  10 In Internal,Your Total Marks Is 46/100 You Will Get Fail

3) If You Score 46 In External and  04 In Internal,Your Total Marks Is 50/100 You Will Get Pass

This is the Way To Decide You are pass or fail In a Particular Subject

Information By Anna University

The internal marks published in this website are the marks entered by the concerned colleges in this webportal. NIC or O/o CoE, AU are not responsible for any inadvertent error that may have crept in the data being published on the Net. This is being published on the Net just for immediate information to the examinees

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